‘Without isolation, we would have sounded like everybody else.’RZA

RZA from Wu-Tang Clan released a short guided meditation series to spark creativity. He explains the benefit of isolation in a Staten Island basement to the creation of Wu-Tang Clan’s most iconic work. He encourages the listener to build the equivalent of a recording studio in our mind.

A mental refuge to explore, filled with your greatest influences. An island of inspiration, detailed using all the senses and deep memories.

Wanna have a quick look at mine?

Imagine a forest. It’s a mash-up of my favourite Welsh and English woods, with a tropical smell. Vivid, alien-looking fungi that I’ve seen in the Canaries and Ireland wrap around the trees. Creatures by my favourite artists Tiffany Bozic and Mozchops live here. 

A clear pool sparkles next to a circular clearing. There’s a fire for cooking. But there’s much more too: punch bags attached to the trees and strength training equipment of all kinds.

One of only two other characters on my island as I first envisioned it is Sam Yang, martial artist and street level philosopher who hosted Must Triumph podcast and still hosts Southpaw. Sorry Sam, if you read this – hope that’s not too weird.

You’ll meet the second character if you venture inside the cave nearby the clearing. It’s dry and beautiful, and in there on a big pile of cushions is my little sister, as she was before her brain injury 8 years ago, reading my favourite comics.

Art credit: Tiffany Bozic, from the book Trees