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Group classes

I run two all-abilities small group classes on Zoom each week, Tuesdays at 6:15pm and Fridays at 6pm, with 8 spaces on each.

The classes cover the whole body. We start with an upper body pushing strength exercise, then a lower body strength exercise, then an upper body pulling strength exercise. Then we do a little circuit of 3 core exercises. Finally interval rounds of 2 or 3 cardio-focused exercises of your choice. This can even be something like dancing or shadow boxing (with your camera off if you prefer).

Rest is scheduled in and I encourage you to take more rest if you need it. Everybody goes at their own pace and adapts the session to their energy level each week.

For every section there’s options for bodyweight only/no equipment, using a homemade load like a bag full of books or containers of liquid, or weights/bands for people who have those at home. The exercises can also be adapted for training seated.

Human creativity is a wonderful thing

The price is sliding scale, so you can pay what you’re able to afford with nobody excluded.

Get in touch if you’re interested to find out more and join us!

Here’s a couple of comments about the group classes from Friday crew members:

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