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Here’s a selection of testimonials from people who have trained with me.

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jon testimonial

I was recommended to Becca by a friend. I’ve had a stroke and had found myself increasingly unmotivated because of its effects on my mobility and mood. Becca has been training with me for 8 weeks now.

Becca helped me determine my short to medium term goals were to gain mass, strength and mobility. Becca has worked proactively with these.  She has learned where my weaknesses are and has come up with ways to overcome them. It has been an evolving regime and will continue to be so. Yeah – regime – she won’t give up.

I feel we’re at a stage to now move onto my longer term goals.

Becca is focused and thoughtful. Her “regime” has really lifted my motivation, mood and self-confidence. I look forward to further achievements working with her. It’s been enjoyable.

However, she once suggested I smear peanut butter on my shortbread to boost my calories.

We don’t talk about peanut butter anymore.

I would like to add that I’m sure I would have avoided using the word smear, and that I also suggested Jon put peanut butter with marmite, and he was a big fan of that flavour combo.

ahlam testimonial

Ahlam was one of my very first clients. I have to say I am blown away by how vibrant Ahlam was looking by the time our training came to an end (which I can’t take full credit for).

Before I started with Becca I had never been to a Gym before. With Becca’s help and excellent instructions, I gradually started to get more and more confident in going to the Gym as well as enjoying being there. The movements in my body became so much better especially in walking and correcting my posture.

Her coaching style is so caring and she understood what was right for me as I had problems with aches and pains in my joints. As a result, I am feeling so much better in myself.

She was a great instructor and I was so lucky to have her as my personal trainer.

I would recommend Becca as a personal trainer for any person old or young. She always acted very professionally throughout the period that that I have been with her.

A very friendly person too. Thank you Becca and I wish all the best in your career.

maddie testimonial

maddie ig testimonial

Rising boxing star Maddie and her dad were as happy as Maddie’s coach about her core and upper body conditioning progress last summer.

B is a good coach, I can definitely tell my improvement in boxing, core work and strength, I like having my session with B as they are fun and hard work at the same time. I have lots more to do and I am trying to do the human flag with B. I can’t wait for my next one. – Maddie

B has been doing strength and conditioning training with my daughter to aid her progress in Boxing, in a short time I have seen her strength, stamina, balance improve dramatically. B has a very positive approach, great to communicate with and always has a smile, she gained the trust of my 12 year old very quickly. – Marcus

naz testimonial

Naz has been an amazing student of strength training, and her lifting now far surpasses what she mentions in her testimonial below.

Before training with Becca I was spending 1 to 2hrs on only the cardio and weight machines. That was all I knew to do. Training with Becca has taught me to train smarter. I have rest days now.

I wanted to explore the ‘boys’ section of the gym with all the intimidating barbells. I wanted to know how to translate my goals into a plan and be taught how to strength train without injuring myself. Becca has helped me with both of these things. I feel confident in the weights area of the gym and I am learning more and more workouts and exercises to incorporate weights.

When I started training with Becca I could not lift the 20kg barbell. Becca told me I would within weeks – she was right. Having just completed my 11th session I can squat with 50kg and deadlift 60kg for 5 reps easy.

Body confidence is improving. I wanted to regain control of my body again after all that it has gone through. My objective isn’t to punish my body nor have unrealistic goals – I just want to push my body to be the best that I know it can be. My body composition is changing in the direction I wanted.

I look forward to my sessions with Becca because no matter what type of day I have had, my PT time is time for me to focus on my goals and I am the happiest. Becca keeps things challenging. Together we make sure each session counts and I am definitely seeing progress from our workout charts.

Becca is incredibly professional and motivates you even if you demotivate yourself at times – which I do mentally and sometimes out loud! Becca encourages me to do that last lift when I really don’t think I can. She is a realist, and if I feel I haven’t given my best she helps me to realise just how far I have come. I have definitely noticed the difference between training with Becca vs training alone.

I would absolutely recommend Becca. She is an inspiration and it is the best thing I have done to pluck up the courage to ask her whether she could help me reach my goals.

I have extended my PT subscription for another 12 sessions and I am so excited for more of the gruelling workouts and hitting more goals!! Thanks Becca!!

leyla testimonial

Leyla and I had a great laugh in our sessions and her awesome attitude to learning was a pleasure to see.

I have loved training with Becca. She is a very professional, encouraging and all-round lovely person to work with and is a credit to easyGym. She endeavours to base workouts around you and what you enjoy doing, and never gives up!

Since training with her my stamina has improved. I enjoy coming to my sessions and, with her help, discovering what I can do next.

Her coaching style is very easy-going – perfect for what I needed. She did a fantastic job of explaining the gym equipment to me and now I feel much more confident accessing the machinery by myself.

Anyone wanting a truly dedicated PT – Becca will do such an amazing job.

ian testimonial

Ian’s running-focused goal to beat his time in the Birmingham Half Marathon was a great opportunity for me to do some research and increase my own knowledge in the process of helping him get the results that he wanted. I’m glad that my learning paid off. Ian has continued to train with me throughout the winter season with a different focus.

Becca helped keep me focused, sharp and in shape, correcting where necessary but also encouraging and motivating. I knocked over 4 minutes off my half marathon personal best while still improving my body shape and mass.

Becca’s workouts are always creative and challenging but what I most value is the excellent impact for every minute spent exercising. I have spent longer in the gym but with nothing like the positive results!

As something of a recalcitrant nutrition app user, Becca kept her advice at the high level and enabled me to get the balance right without becoming overly obsessed with every mouthful.

Her coaching style is a great balance between encouragement and guidance, always challenging which is what I need.

I would of course recommend Becca as a PT – she is someone who really puts the personal in Personal Trainer.

shelley testimonial

When my client Shelley first came to me she explained that she was an experienced runner who wanted to build her strength. I was only to happy to introduce her to the world of the barbell, and now she is all set to continue making great gains with less input from me.

I have felt my strength increasing with every session and this has been incredibly rewarding. As I am new to strength training I didn’t know what to expect and the progress I am making has been a fantastic surprise. Before deciding to contact Becca I admit I was a bit hesitant. I’ve been exercising regularly for years and years but this was new territory and I wasn’t sure if it would be for me.  I’m so pleased now that I went for it.

Becca has been so helpful firstly in listening to what I aimed to achieve. My objectives have been at the centre of our work together. Subsequently, she has carefully explained my programme to me each step of the way. I’ve learned fundamental principles which my programme has then allowed me to build upon. This has allowed me to stay challenged and interested in the process.

I have found Becca’s coaching style great – friendly and supportive. In particular, her positive attitude has helped me build confidence in my training. She’s really helped me stay focused and motivated.

I would definitely recommend Becca as a Personal Trainer. She’s extremely approachable in her interpersonal style and incredibly knowledgeable. She is also great in providing advice and a range of supplementary resources to support the training programme.

eve testimonial

Eve is another ongoing client who was new to strength training.

I’ve been training with Becca for three months. I find her to be a very effective, highly professional trainer. I was a complete beginner, unfit, with a number of aging-related challenges (bad back and knees, menopausal symptoms) and totally out of my comfort zone at the gym. She took a careful history at our first meeting and explored my aims. Then she designed two initial workouts for me, based on my needs. She coached me through the exercises, focusing on form and basic principles of weight-training.

I have a demanding job, so I was only doing the weekly hour with Becca, and no more, but after 8 sessions I had lost ten pounds and three inches off my waist, my back pain had gone, and I had so much energy I was thinking about taking a gymnastics class! Now I train up to three times a week, am confidently using free weights and seeing my strength improve with every session. My goals are no longer about weight-loss or inch-loss at all. Instead, Becca has helped me set exciting personal fitness goals and continues to work alongside me in a holistic way to ensure I achieve them.

Because Becca’s a competitive athlete herself, she’s really knowledgeable and informative about the mechanics and physiology of training, so I am building my own competence to train independently. She keeps a careful eye on dietary and other factors that might be getting in the way of peak performance. Becca tailors her approach to everyone in a uniquely personal way. She’s a great listener who’ll adapt and change things when necessary. She pushes you to go much further than you believed possible. I find her really inspiring and I can’t believe how far I’ve come with her in such a short time.

Becca is driven and hard-working and passionate about what she does and shows real determination to help others succeed. I highly recommend her, for any level of ability, from complete beginners to serious strength-trainers and even competitive sports-people.

elizabeth testimonial

I’ve known my client Elizabeth for years, since way back when I was doing circuit training in the community. I was really happy to help her out with some specific training to build up her strength and resilience for the challenges of life.

I’m a part-time carer, just hitting sixty. I want to be fit so that I can carry on with my caring role, and so that I can age as well as possible, preferably without falling over too often.

Becca listened to what I wanted, and helped me to choose what kind of training would best meet my goals. She recommended strength training, and explained to me what it entails. I didn’t realise that the only way to build strength is to regularly overload my muscles. I’ve always been an active person, but it turns out that activity alone doesn’t cut it. Thanks to Becca, I now know what works. It’s been fun to see my shape change, even in small ways (hello, tummy muscles), and to challenge myself to do more than I thought I was capable of. I’d always seen myself as physically weak, but I’m starting to feel strong now.

Becca has been clear, structured and thoughtful in her approach. She has been inventive too, thinking with me about ways to work out at home, using everyday objects, as well as in the gym.

Becca is always encouraging and positive. I would recommend her personal training to anyone, but especially to those who don’t think that they are the ‘type’ to do this kind of work. Becca will help you to make it happen.

Eleanor is another keen runner who recognises the benefits of strength training to protect against joint injury. I was really pleased with how we were able to work together to improve her squat form over the weeks.

I trained with Becca with six sessions over about four months. I wanted to focus on improving my body strength and she wrote me a simple but progressive plan focussing on a few key movements including squats and deadlifts.

Becca was very supportive, our sessions had a strong emphasis on making sure I understood and mastered the movements and she provided me with video clips that I could use to help with technique development.

I’ve definitely noticed some changes in my body and my strength, going to a yoga class for the first time in ages I was really surprised at how much easier some movements were. I also feel a lot more confident when going into the free weights area of the gym that I’m supposed to be there and that I know what I’m doing.

I would recommend Becca as a PT because she works hard to make sure her programmes are individualised and she’s very easy to work with. I’m already looking forward to booking another series of sessions later in the year.

Huge thanks to my client Mehdiya for her kind words in this awesome testimonial. I have really enjoyed working with her and am so looking forward to being part of her ongoing journey into strength.

I am a newcomer into strength training and gymming – Becca has had the patience to introduce me step by step and to build up my ability and confidence learning and practising new exercises from week to week. She has developed plans to help me meet my goals and offered adjustments and ideas when necessary. Becca has also assisted with nutrition and equipment advice.

As a woman of colour who wears the headscarf, Becca has shown me a willingness to understand the challenges that minorities may face navigating their lives and particularly within the fitness industry. With Ramadhan around the corner, Becca has reassured me that we can still find suitable times and ways to work together 🙂

Challenging my body and pushing the edges of my ability in each session continues to be a powerful experience and a tool that I can transfer into other areas of my life.  I have found Becca’s support to be holistic, individual, thorough and attentive.  Strength training with Becca continues to be a worthwhile investment for my body, mind and spirit 🙂

I had a lot of fun working with Cath. She brings maximum effort to her training and I have no doubt that she’ll keep going from strength to strength. I was also really happy to introduce a new fan to the mighty Devin Townsend.

Thank you for the feedback Cath!

Having a block of 12 training sessions with Becca has helped guide me onto a better fitness path. I’ve gone from doing from doing a bit of this and a bit of that, to structured workouts based around compound moves which I had never done, with accessory work that I used to consider main exercises.

Becca was patient and supportive while I was learning new stuff. I have been shown correct form and thorough observation of my technique. While I’m still working on this, I now have more confidence. Becca encouraged recording of a workout to help assist yourself to view areas that still need tweaking or completely improving. Along with how much you have progressed with good form and strength gains… If you have been thinking of PT sessions you can’t go wrong with the training and advice Becca offers.

oli quote
I was very pleased to hear that Oli has found my teaching style helpful and how that has translated into both physical gains for him, and more confidence to use the gym.

Sessions are always enjoyable and valuable. Your training style makes learning new movements and new equipment very easy – breaking things down into simple steps and guidance that is easy to remember and put into practice. You also take time to explain the ‘why’ and what I should be working toward.

I’ve learned that I am capable of more than I initially thought I would be! I feel as though I have more energy, stronger than ever and fitter than I have been in some time! Training has also given me a lift in confidence, particularly in using different parts of the gym. I’ve been surprised by how much of a change I could see and feel in a short period of time.

I’ve found your coaching style really positive and encouraging. You’re able to make things simple to understand and take onboard.
You also challenge me in a positive way when you think I can be doing more. Sessions always feel as though they are tailored to me – whilst we follow the plan based on my goals, you always check-in to see how progress has been outside of our sessions and if there is anything I’ve any queries or would like to spend additional time/advice on which is really helpful.

I would absolutely recommend you as a Personal Trainer. I’ve made great progress in the goals we set out at the start. Your ability to teach people simply and effectively with positive encouragement and enjoyable sessions has helped me to learn but also given me the confidence to use equipment and exercises outside of our sessions that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

dibah testimonial

I’ve been honoured to help Dibah’s mom Olga for the last few months, to stay active and mobile following a stroke. Thank you Dibah for this feedback.

Becca’s training is informative, research based, and specific to the needs of my mother’s condition. I’d recommend Becca as a PT. She’s reliable, punctual, sets goals, plans each class and explains the methods used.

Both Namira and I massively enjoyed her short training block and she picked up every technique really quickly. The very next week after our last session she was in at the same time as me doing some free weights. While I lined up some block pulls, she confidently set up the trap bar for her own workout, and as she walked behind me, she said ‘you got this’ ❤ Here’s Namira’s feedback.

I thought you were really patient and encouraging when training me at the gym. Even when I thought I was doing it wrong you’d encourage me to keep going. I feel it’s made me much more confident with using equipment in the gym.

I learnt that I’m a lot stronger now and I can do simple daily tasks I couldn’t do without catching my breath before like walking up the stairs at work and becoming completely out of breath. I also mentally feel stronger.

I really like that your coaching wasn’t all professional and we’d have a laugh in our 1 minute breaks haha.

Yes, I’d recommend you because you’ve helped a lot with my confidence in the gym and strength and you’ve actually made gym enjoyable for me, which was my main concern – that if I had lost the weight I’d stop going to the gym, but now I look forward to it, and I also love that my plan doesn’t involve a lot of cardio which I extremely do not like. Thank you for making it personalised to my needs. I think your coaching would help others too because your plans are very personalised and you as a person are very encouraging. I actually don’t think there’s anything you could improve on. You were great.

Thank you to my client Luisa for this great testimonial. I’m grateful for your feedback Luisa, and wish you the best on your new fitness journey.

I loved how Becca took the time to start with the basics and not rush me into things that were over my abilities. She listened to and addressed my core needs. Pun intended.

I’ve learned that actually it doesn’t take long to see significant improvements and that is encouraging. I’m now feeling motivated to keep up with a fitness programme.

I found Becca’s coaching style really super inclusive, supportive, adaptive and no ego, just totally focused on the client.

I would absolutely recommend her as a Personal Trainer, totally easy to talk to and work with, really welcoming, accommodating and knowledgable!

niru testimonial 2

Niru was very clear on her preferences – she hates cardio, loves weights, and wanted to make a gradual return to post-natal resistance training. We made core stability the major focus of her first block, and she showed amazing focus on good technique. Thanks for the feedback, and well done Niru! 👏🏻

I’ve recently gotten back into the gym following the birth of my child. Becca has been super helpful and supportive. She is really knowledgeable and helped me believe that I could do much more than I thought would be possible. I can’t wait to get back in the gym with her.

Thanks to my client Birgit for this feedback. Birgit is about to start her second block of training and I’m excited to see her strength building each week. So glad she’s enjoying it.

I have started working with Becca since end of October 19 and even in this short time I feel I have so much improved in terms of strength and flexibility. I love the style of training, and Becca’s quiet and calm supportive pushing goals gently. I came to mainly do weight training and I love my barbell session a lot and how much stronger I am already.

I really like it that I see on Facebook that Becca works with people of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes – and it looks like they all enjoy the training.

I personally feel I am only at the very beginning of a long journey but I am glad I have got Becca as my PT to achieve my goals. I would – and actually have already – highly recommend Becca as a personal trainer, regardless what your aims are. Becca will meet you where you are at and travel with you at your pace, be it fast or slow. I am already looking forward to my next session.

Thank you Sam for this feedback on our international online training – it was lots of fun working with you

I’ve been training with Becca for the last few weeks. Becca took a lot of time to understand my goals, and the blocks that had been stopping me from doing regular training. She came up with a plan that incorporates a lot of exercises that I enjoy, and can be adjusted to be harder as I progress. I feel like there are definite goals for me to achieve, but that I can also build up new skills over time. I feel really motivated and supported, and would definitely recommend! ❤

Here’s some feedback from Jo, who was one of my first fully online clients.

My partner and I signed up for online sessions with Becca a few weeks into lockdown. It has been such a healthy focus for us to have a session weekly with Becca, for both our physical and mental wellbeing. Having started to see friends again (socially distanced of course) its been so lovely to hear people saying how good we are both looking. It’s been great and we will continue to practise and progress. We are thinking of booking more time with Becca in the near future!

Rich was another of my first fully online clients. Check him out mastering the toilet paper Turkish get up over on Instagram.

I’ve enjoyed seeing my body getting stronger and have felt over all more fit. I feel good about myself, and pleased with my progress. Becca was supportive throughout, happy to answer all queries even if we asked the same ones over! Her coaching style was professional, helpful and encouraging. I’d recommend her as a PT for sure, because it’s clear she knows what she’s talking about, she’s focussed and really confident in what she offers.

Thanks to my recent client Dylan, who I worked with online during lockdown, for this testimonial. It’s great to see that Dylan is continuing to train by themself. That’s my goal – I don’t want dependent clients, I love to get people set up at the start of their own journey and feeling confident to keep going.

I’d really recommend booking some sessions with Becca – she’s great and really chilled out, and caters the routine to your experiences and the level you’re at.

Thanks to my client Raju for this feedback – best of all he reports enjoying his training which is always my number one goal.

I’ve been lifting weights on and off for 20 years, so I know what I’m doing, and I’ve never had a coach. But since having Becca as a coach my form has improved, I have fewer niggling injuries and the programmes she’s given me have made me stronger than I was 20 years ago.

Feedback from my client Ian. I’m so happy that my training has been valuable to him.

I feel really pleased about the progress I’ve made under your coaching. I’m now achieving targets I didn’t think possible, and looking at next steps that are unimaginable. 

Your coaching style is rooted in who you are as a person: warm, engaging, incredibly helpful and supportive. Your coaching helps people meet their personal targets for improved health and fitness, within a positive constructive framework, and with great care and dedication.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you as a personal trainer. You are utterly focused on the needs and interests of clients, not what you want them to do, or where you feel they should be. You are highly attentive to supporting the personal goals of clients and working closely with them to achieve these. For many reasons people are worried about disclosing their health and fitness goals to others. You allow people to do so confidently and safely in the knowledge that you will respect these, and, working together, that these goals will be met over time. That is reflective of a real dedication to the well-being of others, and it clearly comes from your personal commitment to the well-being of people and the achievement of social justice.

Clearly, regardless of body shape/type, ethnicity, gender etc, you welcome and celebrate the diversity of all your clients. You are inclusive and committed to the well-being of all your clients regardless of who they are, and what shape they are in when they first start working with you. Well-being is intrinsically related to inequalities, and your approach is essential to allowing those who would otherwise feel excluded from paying attention to their health to do so. What you are doing is part of a wider, political agenda to pay respect to everyone regardless of who they are, and allow them to be who they want to be.

Working with you is the best possible decision I could have made to improve my overall fitness and health.

We all start somewhere. I will meet you where you are. Thanks to my online client Stu for this feedback. 

‘Before my training block I did absolutely fuck all exercise. So you come into this a bit nervous, vulnerable… Becca is brilliant. Her approach was the best thing I could have imagined. She listens. Respects your life and goals. Gets you into a routine that works for you.’ 

I feel deeply affirmed by this feedback from my client Rachel, about the ways that my support to her as she builds a strength practice has benefits far beyond the physical.

‘Becca and I have formed a strong partnership during the last year which combines navigating complex trauma with learning how to strength train. I now feel stronger physically and emotionally, more confident and safer in my own skin. I have noticed improvements in my levels of positive self-image and self-esteem. My anxiety is steadily reducing, my outlook on life broadening and becoming more hopeful, and with it my ability to trust another person and myself.

I have found Becca’s coaching style authentic, deeply committed, collaborative, compassionate, knowledgeable, focused, intuitive, supportive and progressive.

I would recommend Becca without hesitation. It has been my experience that her knowledge of strength training and trauma combined with her ability to hold and guide a session with integrity, skill, great presence and care has been profoundly positive for me. She stays open and curious, and this allows her to feel where I would benefit from support, encouragement, challenge or to be self-led. It’s clear to me that she is genuinely motivated by the desire for me to get everything that I need from the work and even surpass my own expectations.’

Helping people to enjoy exercise is my #1 priority as a PT, so Robyn’s testimonial makes me very happy.

I was completely new to training at a gym. One of the biggest reasons I decided to start was that I found myself struggling with daily activities like walking to the shops and going up stairs, and since then the difference in my fitness is massive! I’m now able to keep up with my more active friends whilst hiking. There’s also been a huge benefit to my mental health, with training giving me some much needed structure throughout a difficult time and being a great way to relieve stress. I’ve learnt that my left shoulder was a bit stiff and inflexible. Becca has been working with me on some shoulder exercises; I was surprised at how much better it feels now!

As a child I was a gymnast, and had some very negative experiences with coaches that bordered on abusive. I avoided exercise for many years after. I discussed this with Becca before our first session together, and she’s done an incredible job of motivating me to do my best without any of the harshness I experienced with previous coaches. She’s tailored the coaching to my circumstances and helped me to push myself in a way that is enjoyable rather than off putting.

Becca has helped me to enjoy exercise for the first time in my life, and I think she provides a great service for everyone, but especially for people who have been excluded by mainstream fitness spaces/groups.

I’m a transgender woman and have often felt excluded in sports facilities/groups. My experience has been that Becca is very inclusive of LGBT people; for example she has been proactive in looking into the practicalities of how training will work for me after I have transgender related surgery in the Autumn. Having the options of video sessions from my home, or in her private studio have been great, as training in a mainstream gym is beyond my comfort level at the moment. Her studio features quotes and pictures of athletes from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences; I really felt included from the moment I stepped through the door.

Many thanks to my client Annalise for this feedback on our training so far. I have loved seeing Annalise progress with enthusiasm and focus.

The thing I’ve learned most is the importance of form – which I really took for granted before. But I now understand how key form is in ensuring results without injuries that set you back. I learned that my body is a lot stronger than I thought, and I’ve learned how to recover through movement when old age body niggles come along. I’m now feeling far more energetic, and I have a different relationship to my body – not getting frustrated with it – but being more kind, understanding it more and what it needs!

I found your coaching style encouraging, motivating and very patient! Not at all like previous coaching I’ve encountered or like coaching you see on telly with someone screaming at you with a megaphone. Explaining the moves and how they’re making me stronger and the importance of strength as we age and in day to day life is by far a better way for long term changes. Your PT coaching approach is far more progressive and effective than any I’ve encountered before. You’re even thinking of how to ensure your policies and business practice are inclusive and just. Really like your policies for those with chronic illness.

Really good to hear my online client Aisha’s recent feedback. I enjoyed our sessions too.

I found your coaching very helpful, encouraging and non-judgemental. I would definitely recommend you as a personal trainer because you were very professional but warm and friendly. I always looked forward to sessions with you, I learned a lot and enjoyed the movement. In regards to your coaching/attitude to training; it guided me to focus on what my goals were rather that what went wrong, and to have a problem solving mindset. At the end of a session I would feel confident and motivated. I feel proud that I invested the time for myself and I appreciate all your help and support. Hope to train with you again in future!

When Shelina grudgingly commented early on that she wasn’t dreading her next session, I explained that as a trainer one of my top aims is to help the client discover a way of moving that they enjoy and will want to continue. I hoped that she would be feeling enjoyment by the end of her first block. In fact, we hit that milestone by session 3…

Becca is an amazing coach. I have learnt so much about exercise in a body-positive way. She works with my needs and my restrictions to get the best out of me. She knows how to motivate me without nagging or making me feel guilty!

I really feel the best I have done for years. Exercise has had a positive impact on so many aspects of my life; managing work stress, PMT, and on helping keep my blood pressure down. I can’t imagine my life without exercise now!

Becca I can’t thank you enough!

I would disagree with Bal that I offer elite training, I would say far from it. I aim to offer training accessible for everyone including total beginners. But I appreciate the sentiment, and I’m safely assuming he means you will stick out for having good form rather than bad.

This is elite training that will make you stick out in the gym. Becca is amazing and enthusiastic in showing you so many styles that fit your preferred routine and give you confidence to try out other training regimes. Becca will also ensure you are training safely, paying close attention to your form and offering plenty of advice on how to improve. My sessions with Becca have opened new doors on how I approach keeping fit; that it’s not all about weight lifting machines that leave me rigid and stiff but new approaches taught from Becca that leave me versatile and aerobic. Thank you. Totally recommend.

Thank you to my ongoing client Qureish for this testimonial on his first block of training. So much of his feedback makes me very happy as a coach.

I am not a ‘gym person’, but working with Becca has given me a confidence to use equipment in a way that is simple and clear. I’ve found that I really enjoy the workout and feel that I have a growing confidence that I could do this by myself. For me, this aspect of training is so important, as I’ve never really wanted to exercise. Now it seems to be a natural and growing part of me. I’ve learned that it is never too late and as someone in their late forties I have realised that we can all change and enjoy that change.

I found Becca’s coaching style excellent. She really listened to me and made me feel completely differently about training. Becca has given me the tools to want to exercise independently and enjoy it. Something I never thought could happen.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Becca to everyone and in fact already have. She is kind, thoughtful and really tries to understand the person she is training. Empowering them to get the best out of themselves.

One great thing about Becca is that she never judges you. She has this amazing way of making you reflect and come out with answers that are truthful and positive. Becca is very inclusive and tries to understand why the person feels the way they do about training, and tackle that. It is actually liberating.

I absolutely love when clients report how their training is changing life outside the gym for them. That’s what it’s all about! Mary was very keen that I explain when sharing her feedback just how reluctant she has felt about the idea of working on her strength, to encourage others like her who aren’t naturally drawn to picking up weights.

I have a heavy bag. It’s my ‘office in a bag’. I live in a first floor flat. This week, I noticed it seemed lighter when I carried it upstairs but then realised I had got stronger!

All thanks goes to Becca’s training and her persistence.

So good to hear that Fatema is feeling fired up about the discoveries that she’s making on her strength journey.

Ever since I have commenced strength training, Becca has helped me appreciate and understand how my body is a lot stronger than I could have ever imagined. I have learnt important techniques to maximise my workouts. I am amazed at how much stronger I already feel physically, mentally and look forward to continuing on this journey.

Becca’s coaching style is unique. The sessions are individualised to not only my goals and ambitions but also taking into consideration external factors at each session. Becca is supportive and is highly motivational. I would recommend Becca as your personal trainer.

I want all my clients to enjoy their sessions. I have to admit though there is an extra level of satisfaction and achievement for me when somebody who starts as a self-described exercise-phobe begins to notice their feelings about training becoming more positive. Happy to help, Julie!

I’m very ‘exercise phobic’ and have some injuries and chronic pain which made me even more hesitant to do any exercise that might exacerbate my pain, but found Becca to be very encouraging, patient and supportive. The sessions always went at my pace, with encouragement from Becca to increase reps/weight I was lifting when she felt I was ready or could push myself a bit further. She is a good listener and very intuitive about what would work for you as an individual, and what to avoid. Much to my surprise, I even found myself starting to look forward to the sessions, once I’d got into the rhythm of training! I have invested in some home weights and aim to carry on training at home, using the techniques I learned with Becca. The sessions have definitely helped to improve my confidence to exercise more regularly and I’d recommend Becca to any other exercise/gym phobics out there!

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