Take the Big Bag

Mission-driven Personal Training

Take the Big Bag


Becca Kirkpatrick, Personal Trainer & Organiser

Big Bag Training

Birmingham, England

One major aim of developing a movement practice and building your strength is to support a bigger purpose in life.

This could be contributing to something epic that will transform the world. Or, on the more personal scale, the essential work of growing a healthy family (including you!) and community.

I offer a mission-driven, socially-focused approach to Personal Training, that really starts to impact when you step outside the gym door.

I help build the health, strength, fitness and power of people and communities – the foundation that enables all change.

  • I will meet you where you are, in terms of your circumstances, your already amazing body, and your hopes
  • I’ll guide you to build your movement plan, to take steps towards those changes and goals that are most meaningful to you
  • If and when you hit a stumbling block (that’s a normal part of progress), we’ll work together to adapt the plan to better fit the reality of your life
  • I’ll show you how to reflect, recognise and celebrate your progress, and constantly learn new things about yourself
  • I’ll give you encouragement as you create new habits to support your health and wellbeing long-term, sustaining your future missions

We are meant to move. There is so much to discover on this surprising and fun journey.

Curious? To start your journey, get in contact.