Take the Big Bag

Mission-driven Personal Training

Take the Big Bag


Becca Kirkpatrick, Personal Trainer & Organiser

Birmingham, England

The major aim of getting and staying as fit as possible is to support some bigger purpose in life.

This could be sustaining something epic that will transform the world. Or, on the more personal scale, the essential work of growing and supporting a healthy family (that includes you!) and community.

Take the Big Bag is my blog about mission-driven Personal Training that really starts to impact when you step outside the gym door.

I help to build the health, strength, fitness and power of people and communities – the foundation that enables all change. If you want change, you need a plan.

  • I’ll support you to build a plan, to reach those health and life goals and ambitions that are most meaningful to you
  • I’ll show you how to measure your progress, and give you encouragement and accountability to stay on track
  • If and when you hit a stumbling block (that’s a normal part of progress), we’ll work together to adapt the plan
  • From our time together you will take away a toolbox of healthy habits for your future missions

Change yourself and see what you can do with your increased power to act.

To get started, get in contact.


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