A new year feels like a great time to shake up the snow globe, to ditch old habits and cement new ones

We’re halfway through the year. Did you set yourself any resolutions on the 1st January? If so, and if they don’t relate much to how your life looks mid-June, that’s normal.

Maybe in the past you’ve tried setting a few ‘words of the year’. I have, and it’s been somewhat helpful. 

What 3 words sum up last year?

What 3 words sum up the coming year’s focus? 

This can be a nice exercise to reflect and remind ourselves that we can’t do everything, so we need to prioritise

The YouTuber CP Grey proposes, instead of hard-to-keep resolutions that don’t allow for the unpredictable, setting a theme. This could be a theme for a year, but it could also be for a particular quarter or season.

The theme is a word summing up a concept or an approach to life. Themes are very flexible. They allow you to judge at each decision point, what choice would be more in-keeping with my theme?

Some examples might be: Boundaries. Learning. Noticing. Acceptance. Action.

Mine for this year is ‘fertilisation’. This covers everything that I take in: food, audio, visual, the written word. It also applies to the environment that I plant myself in, like a bed of compost. What are the conditions and who are the people that will support and encourage my health and the best expression of my potential?