Part of thinking about a better fitness industry for workers and gym members alike is not only hearing the horror stories, but highlighting and uplifting the best examples of contracts and conditions for fitness professionals.

By looking towards the best standards, we have a level to aim for in efforts to improve work across this growing and highly profitable sector.

Have you worked at a gym where you truly felt valued, cared for and well rewarded? What were the policies that shaped this experience for you? Celebrating these good examples shows us that a better approach to employment in fitness is possible. Let us know via the comments or feel free to use the contact form.

Whether you work in fitness or any other sector, you have more power to make positive change at work as a member of a union. You can learn more about joining a union via Organise Now!, and also my course Peace for PTs which takes a reflective look at the causes of chronic stress in our line of work – mental, emotional and economic – and how we can avoid them.