It’s once again time to share the annual Big Bag Training Client Community tunes of the year playlist for 2022. The first main thing that strikes me is that I’ve only made two blog posts since sharing last year’s playlist. And all I can really say to that is ‘damn‘.

Never mind, the world keeps turning regardless of my blog posting frequency, and I have plan for 10 bits of content in the works to develop, including a big resource on plant-based protein, by popular demand, and the likely next one is my list of books I read this year.

For now tuck in to this random assortment of gym jams, the tunes that got us moving over the past 12 months. Some are older – there’s a clear 80s theme from the group training crew, some are fresh cuts, and I chucked in a sprinkling of metal at the last minute which I admit was to counterbalance the Rick Astley. Best enjoyed on shuffle!