When I worked at a big chain gym, at the end of every shift the giant dumbbells scattered over the floor needed returning to the racks. Some weighed nearly as much as me. While I berated the muscular man-babies who had left their ‘toys’ out, they smirked, or made comments about how it was my job.

The root of this attitude: entitlement. It shows up all across society. Where does it come from? 

Culture, unwritten human-made ruleswhich means that humans can also re-make them

Entitlement leads to men feeling they have a right to the unequal service of women in the home, or of domestic abuse generally within family relationships.

We see it when white people feel entitled to the labour and humility of black and brown people. 

It’s entitlement when certain middle class people believe that their child simply must have the best, comfortable in the knowledge that other kids therefore have to go with much less.

Our entire political and legal class is stuffed full of people with a massive, unquestioned sense of entitlement, told from childhood that they were born to rule. Bosses and shareholders feel entitled to cream off the majority of wealth, leaving workers struggling and exhausted.

Like resources, entitlement is hoarded and needs spreading

Most people have too little… ‘Nothing’s too good for the working class.

While I’m at it, I don’t take for granted having an audience. If you’re reading this, I appreciate you. Here ends my 30 day writing challenge.