What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Here’s one that for me seems to fit every occasion.

Take the same approach to everything you do. That way, it becomes your automatic way of being.

When I coach my clients as a PT, this is best expressed as treating every set like it’s your heaviest set of the day. Treat the heavy sets like they’re light, and the light sets like they’re heavy. Even the warm up sets with the empty bar.

If you bring focus to each set up and rep, every time, you won’t struggle to express that quality when you really need it. Every so-called light set is an opportunity to practise the skills you want to master. So why waste it by treating it as something to whizz through, to throw away?

From one thing, know one thousand things’ – Miyamoto Musashi, undefeated samurai

What’s brilliant is that this gym lesson is transferable to all of life.

When eating, savour the food with every sense.

As you walk, take in your feet on the ground, air on skin, smells and sounds.

Waiting? Check in with your body to see how it’s feeling.

Grooming is another great chance to do that.

If you’re having close time with loved ones, be 100% present and attentive.

As you enjoy some culture or media, lock in to all the details. You might pick up new things on a repeat.

Whatever you do, bring your whole self to doing it. Be all in.