This week I’m closing a 15 year chapter of my life, as a union activist and organiser.

Dropping my IT equipment back to the office, I felt a warm rush of emotion behind my eyeballs as I remembered dry committee meetings stretching back into my history. Standing orders and sandwich buffets. The mechanics of struggle – and stagnation.

Once I dreamed of being part of a cohesive, effective and nurturing team. With my current colleagues, I had it. These four people demonstrate love for humanity, immense skill, and tireless passion in all they do. They embody hope and incredible care, for each other and every worker they meet. In response to regular frustrations and disappointments they bring a wicked humour.

Yet now, I’m leaving the team. In the next chapter I’ll be growing Big Bag Training, my strength and movement coaching business.

I want to make my colleagues proud. 12 months from now, I want them to see what I’m doing and understand it. That goal is my way of keeping the dream team in my heart.

Here begins a 30 day writing challenge. I’ll use these daily posts to practise expressing myself, and reaching new people. I’ve promised I will forever amplify unions. I’ll also write about how and why a business focused on individual fitness can be political and for the collective. Expect a heavy dose of nature appreciation too.

Above all I seek to explore and draw out connections between all things. This is the big bag.