I’ve been giving some thought to what sort of things people might like to watch while we’re all stuck at home a bit more during the coronavirus pandemic. I’m not going to be modest, I’m a pretty good cook. I love to cook for my friends and I’ve received a lot of compliments for my cooking. I’m not, however, a skilled maker of multimedia content. Haha!

My good friend and client Hasanain introduced me to the phrase Ready, Fire, Aim (instead of Ready, Aim, Fire)… as in, start before you’re ready. You can always learn and refine as you go. And as Bruce Lee pointed out, if you spend too long thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.

So, let’s go! Here by popular demand is my first cooking video. One of my weekly staples – a delicious satisfying chilli that I have perfected over several years and which you can easily customise to your own taste buds. Enjoy, do that subscribing thing, and let me know how it tastes for you if you give it a try.