To celebrate the launch of Big Bag Training and Take the Big Bag blog, I’m giving away this non-leather weightlifting belt. If you’re unsure what weightlifting belts do or are for, here are a couple of good overviews that will explain more for you.

I got this belt for myself. Most serious lifters will strongly advise you to get a leather belt, but for ethical reasons, I didn’t want to. I was prepared to accept that the belt I chose might be not be the absolute optimum piece of kit. However, I was very unprepared in my amazingly giant failing to actually measure my waist when ordering… doh.

This belt is a size small, for a 27″ – 33″ waist. It’s made by AQF and is neoprene. The belt needs to fit snugly so that you can brace against it as you perform the lift. It didn’t do that for me, so I am currently using my fabric caving belt as a lifting belt. Not ideal, but creative.

In summary, this is a great belt for a small sized heavy lifter who is maybe vegetarian or vegan. The green camo is pretty stylish too, in a 90’s girl band/nu-metal kinda way. It could be yours if:

UK entries only, sorry. I will pick a winner on 31st May 2018. Good luck – and thank you!